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The consultation you have with one of our attorneys is not legal advice, until there is a formal attorney-client relationship. However, all consultations are confidential, privileged and of course, free with no strings attached. Life happens at any given moment, and we’ll be there for it.

We strongly encourage you to refrain from speaking with anyone about your case, unless that person is your attorney or an attorney with whom you are consulting. Do not engage law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, witnesses, claims adjusters etc. in any form of conversation which is or may be materially related to your case. Call for a free consultation and speak with Ryan and learn how to you can assert and/or defend your rights.

Accessible, Affordable Representation

If you are visiting this page, chances are you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge. Selecting the right attorney is obviously a crucial part of the equation. Experience, cost, personality, client reviews, etc. are all relevant factors to bear in mind.

Ryan draws from a wide range of experience including a blue collar background and humble beginnings. As your attorney, he has experience working in multiple jurisdictions as public defenders and private counsel at the trial and appellate levels. We find that our diverse backgrounds allows us to connect with our clients at a very fundamental level. Criminal defense is by nature, a very human endeavor. We will always pick up the phone and help you get through whatever legal nightmare you are going through.

Our Philosophy

One of the problems with the criminal “justice” system is access to justice. For those who are legally indigent, a public defender is automatically appointed. For those who are slightly above the federal poverty line, they go bankrupt spending thousands of dollars on expensive representation.
Those who are rich can hire the “best”.

To be clear, many public defenders are stellar lawyers. We have had the pleasure of working with many incredibly talented public defenders in Washington state. However, it is true that public defenders have insane caseloads and simply cannot devote the requisite time to each and every case. We know, we’ve been there.

That is why we have developed our own unique philosophy and approach to criminal defense: we like to consider ourselves lawyers for the “middle class”. We will give you the big firm treatment, but for a middle-class price.

Straight-forward Pricing

We believe there should be a middle ground between the two, very opposite choices of being forced to go with a public defender, or going bankrupt for an expensive, fancy lawyer: securing excellent representation while not going broke.

At Ryan English, we keep our costs and overhead low. We do not believe in frivolous expenditures, like a high-rise office or thousand-dollar Italian suits. After all, the client ends up bearing those costs. We shift our cost-effective business practices to our clients.

Excellent Communication

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from people who’ve interacted with lawyers is “I can’t ever get ahold of my lawyer!” You will never be ignored or neglected with us. As you can see with our client reviews, we are praised for diligently keeping in contact with our clients.

Our Approach to Lawyering

The saying “you can catch more bees with honey than vinegar” is something that many lawyers do not understand. The truth is, being the stereotypical uncompromising, combative defense lawyer often times backfires. And who suffers from that? The client. We have cordial, professional working relationships with our adversaries. Of course there are situations that necessitate a more aggressive approach. But, our experience has shown that better results are achieved by simply being courteous, agreeable, and respectful with our adversaries and judges.

Many lawyers will often tout their experience in claiming they are great at what they do. But, this is a logical fallacy: just because you have been doing something for a long time, that does not necessarily mean you’re good at it. It’s particularly laughable when a lawyer calls him or herself “the best”. What exactly is unit of measure? Because you say so? Although we bring over 20 years in combined experience to the table, we are worth our salt not because of our time served, but because of the results we deliver.