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Ryan English

Ryan was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area but left when he was 18. Since then, he has lived up and down the west coast and southwest, has attended 6 different colleges, worked numerous jobs, and met some really interesting people in the process. Washington is by far his favorite state, and he now considers himself a Washingtonian. He started working when he was 13 as a math and reading tutor. He then worked throughout high school, whether it was washing cars, mowing lawns, tending a cash register, collecting shopping carts, or soliciting people for blood donations. He also worked through college as a salesman, a music teacher, and then as a car mechanic to pay the bills. Finally, he ended up back in Los Angeles after bouncing around from college to college and graduated with a degree in philosophy with a pre-law minor. Ryan's passion is working on cars (especially classics), and he has continued to do that until enrolling in law school. Ryan has had a variety of unusual and unique experiences throughout life that have helped him connect with his clients.

Ryan's father and step-father were both cops, so naturally he became a defense lawyer. Throughout law school, Ryan worked, first for a superior court judge, criminal trial attorney, then a firm doing criminal appeals, and then the Department of Public Defense in King County. Due to the circumstances his employer created, he worked on multiple criminal appeals involving serious felony convictions with scarce or no supervision. From that, he learned the intricacies of criminal, appellate defense. Ryan was fortunate enough to have a fantastic supervisor and mentor at the Associated Counsel for the Accused – one of the best trial lawyers in Washington state. During the last year of law school, I learned how to be a courtroom lawyer and took my first case to trial. After five days, it resulted with the jury delivering two guilty verdicts (but after four hours of deliberation, so he made them think). But, because he already understood the appeals system, he told his client that she should appeal because the trial judge made a reversible error, which Ryan objected to at this trial. Essentially, the judge didn’t let him argue his theory of the case and excluded highly relevant evidence. The higher court agreed, reversed, and charges were dismissed.

The first case Ryan took to trial as a licensed attorney, he won outright with a 30 minute not guilty verdict on two counts that were originally filed as felonies. Ryan boasts a stellar trial record with proven results. Although his style of lawyering is polite and respectful when it comes to negotiating, he is not afraid of trial and welcomes it any day. No matter what your charge is, whether it be a simple speeding ticket, DUI, or serious felony, Ryan knows how to approach it.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys working on his classic cars, exploring the Pacific Northwest, and experiencing fine arts.